This page contains a historical listing of release notes for all versions of MyAniList.


2.12.0 [Komi]

What’s New

This update is packed with a handful of performance and quality-of-life improvements:

Context Menus Are Here! Remember 3D touch, before Apple killed it? We’ve included its successor, context menus! This helps make updates to your list even easier and more seamless. Long press on items to view options to help add, update, and share content easier than ever before.

Additional Filter Settings for Adult / Hentai Content: We’ve added a handful of settings to help filter and hide any adult content you may not want to see. You now have the option to blur 18+ content on lists if you don’t want to see them. You can also prevent them from showing up in search results. These settings can be found in Settings > Appearance > Filter.

Sorta-infinitely scrolling lists! We’ve also improved a lot of scrolling behavior so more lists on the Discover section can be quasi-infinitely scrollable. As you scroll to the right, more content will get loaded for you if you want more than just 50 results!

Trending Manga / Manhwa Lists: For you manga enthusiasts, we’ve included trending manga and popular manhwa lists on Discover as well!

Bug Fixes

  • [#47] Fixes a bug where tapping the “Cancel” button on Discover would not remove the button.
  • [#48] Fixes a small visual error where loading states on the Discover page would not always appear.
  • [#45] Fixes a visual inconsistency where manga trailer would appear in the middle of the layout on the details page.
  • Improves the consistency of how series synchronize with AniList and posting to Twitter.
  • Fixes a scenario where an internal server error would prevent pages from updating properly.
  • [#24] Improved performance with how items are loaded on lists.
  • [#53] Fixed an issue where lists on the Discover screen would have series that were omitted and had incorrect sort order.

Older Versions

2.11.2 [Ganyu v3]

This update comes with some small bug fixes and performance improvements to more effectively track your shows and books.

2.11.1 [Ganyu v2]

Bug Fixes

  • [#42] Fixes an issue where some highly-rated recommendations would not appear.

2.11.0 [Ganyu]

What’s New

This release comes with enhancements to the details page. Now, you’ll be able to view recommendations, trailers, and links to streaming episodes through Crunchyroll! Recommendations are sorted based on how many people approved them, and those votes are displayed underneath the title.

Bug Fixes

  • [#40] Fixes an issue where certain pages would crash due to their descriptions not being properly converted via markdown.
  • [#41] Fixes an issue where certain staff pages would not render entirely due to an absence of character roles.
  • Improved the load time for opening up detail pages.

Other Technical Goodies

  • iOS 13 support has ended.
  • Anonymous analytics and crash reporting are no longer being distributed to Google. I have switched the provider over to lightweight anonymized analytics tracker called TelemetryDeck to reduce the fingerprinting that Google otherwise does. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

2.10.3 [Mona v4]

Bug Fixes

  • [#38] Fixes an issue where the context menu near the Anime and Manga navigation titles would not show up when running the app for the first time.
  • [#37] Fixes an issue where users who purchased Tokubetsu would sometimes have to restore the transaction after restarting the app.

2.10.2 [Mona v3]


  • Added a Privacy Policy tab in the Settings page.
  • The profile tab now includes your name. Just a nice touch to make you feel special :)

Bug Fixes

  • [#36] Fixes an issue where updating a series (either by swiping or going to the edit page) could intermittently remove itself from the custom lists it was associated with.
  • [#35] Fixes an issue where reading details on the anime/manga pages would be difficult to read on lighter themes.
  • [#33] Fixes a bug where the last update time on the Settings page would sometimes not show the last updated time correctly.
  • [#7] Fixes a small visual defect where tapping “Cancel” in Discover may sometimes reorder the current season list.
  • [#34] Fixes an issue where the visual status for series that would air soon would sometimes switch between green (current) and yellow (behind).
  • [#32] Fixes a crash on startup for new version of MyAniList when the What’s New page is displayed. This was unfortunately due to a compiler issue with the Swift programming language in certain environments that I wasn’t able to reproduce on my own device. So sorry about this!
  • [#31] Fixes an issue where the progress indicator visually makes tiny increments when updating your anime/manga. This unfortunately was due to an issue beyond my control, and so I’ve placed a stopgap for it in the meantime.
  • [#23] Rewatching/Rereading series warnings now appear whenever you switch from rewatching/rereading to watching/reading from the edit details screen, as this is a destructive action.
  • [#21] Fixes an issue where completing a series on the edit screen may sometimes not synchronize the updated series’s finish date and episode/chapter count.\n- [#16] Fixes an issue where you would only see 25 voice actor roles when viewing a voice actor’s page.
  • [#18] Fixes a long-standing issue where your profile favorites would be limited to only showing 25 of each section.
  • [#20 Fixes an issue where searching for certain keywords that were not unique in’s database could crash the app.
  • [#27] Fixes an issue where airing notifications would not update anime progress when tapping on notification actions

2.10.1 [Mona v2]

Bug Fixes

  • [#13] Fixes an issue where haptic feedback could be triggered in the background.
  • [#14] Fixes an issue with text being clipped on iOS 14.
  • [#12] Fixes an issue where the airing label could overlap your rating in your lists.

2.10.0 [Mona]

Hey everyone! It’s been a looong time coming. This update is jam-packed with a handful of new features and improvements to make your anime and manga list experiences even better! We now support custom lists (which is included in Tokubetsu), and we’ve sped up a ton of areas in the app that were originally buggy, choppy, and just downright slow. There were a ton of improvements under-the-hood to make this happen, so if you see any new or unusual bugs, report away in our new “Report a Bug” menu item in Settings!

What’s New

  • Custom Lists Are Here! This release comes with a much-requested feature: custom list support! You can now view any custom lists you’ve created on Simply tap on the v-shaped icon near the title on your anime/manga lists to switch the display to a custom list. Currently, there is only support for viewing your custom lists, and I will slowly be integrating this into other parts of the app (such as the edit details screen). For now though, please check it out and let me know your thoughts!

  • Upcoming Seasonal Anime: The Discover page now includes an “Upcoming Seasonal” section for shows that are just beyond the horizon! This has been a highly-requested feature, and I appreciate your patience as this is now finally rolling out!


  • Status Bar Updates: The concealing status bar updates that previously took over your whole navigation area are no more! I’ve made a custom-built status bar that displays succinct but informative messages directly underneath the title of each screen. This allows for simple, non-intrusive messaging for things you do or items that update. This was previously problematic for those running non-notch-style phones (i.e. iPhone 8).

  • Consistent, Faster Layouts: I rewrote the entire data source and layout engine to use more modern solutions that iOS now provides. This reduces a ton of jitters, visual bugs, and slowness that often plagued many pages. You’ll notice a huge improvement on the Discover page, as we’ve included loading placeholders and more responsiveness to search queries. Give it a whirl and let me know your thoughts!

  • Rewatching / Rereading Section: The icons that were being used previously to denote series you were rewatching/rereading were not very intuitive, so I broke them down into their own section. Additionally, sections that have no items in them will no longer show up with an empty section. This helps clean up the interface a bit!

  • Next Airing on iPad: The next airing time for currently-airing shows are now displayed on iPad! This has been a long time coming, and this ended up being an easy win to include once I fixed a ton of layout issues. Woo!

  • Banner Images on Details Screen: This was mostly for fun, but I’ve included the banner images you normally see for a series from the website now at the top of the details page! This gives the page a bit more personality, especially on larger devices like iPad!

  • Report a Bug / Feature Request: We now have dedicated links for reporting a bug or a feature request! These can be located in Settings > About. Please use these as a way for reporting your feedback, as this is the easiest way for me to organize issues and requests from y’all! Thank you in advance for using any of these points of feedback, I appreciate your efforts! 🙏

  • What’s New Screen: I wasn’t doing a great job with displaying updates in-app, and honestly, it was due to how I originally wanted to portray the updates. This more consolidated version is a lot easier for people to read though, without needing to scroll endlessly to tap on the close button. 🙂

Bug Fixes

  • [#13] Fixes an issue where haptic feedback could be triggered in the background.
  • [#14] Fixes an issue with text being clipped on iOS 14.
  • [#12] Fixes an issue where the airing label could overlap your rating in your lists.
  • Fixed an issue where the underlying blur view may not always blur the entire screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the ranking for a series on the details page would randomly flicker between different numbers.
  • Updated the Special Thanks page to include used libraries and links to all third-party resources.
  • Included some small visual fade-ins between screens as you tab from different tabs.
  • To reduce unnecessary synchronization, MyAniList now keeps track of the canonical time a series was updated on There was a very slight time issue that could sometimes cause recently updated series to update again, unnecessarily.
  • Fixed the beta testing link so it goes directly to TestFlight.
  • Improved reliability of restoring Tokubetsu purchases.
  • General cleanup to keep the app running smooth.