Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions I frequently see in feedback forms, Discord, or chatter online.

Can I use my MyAnimeList account on MyAniList?

No. We used to support MyAnimeList before they shut down their API unexpectedly, resulting in over two years of unavailability. We do not anticipate supporting them until their API is stable enough for us to trust. This will take years.

MyAnimeList has [insert feature here], why can’t you add it to

Please see above.

MyAnimeList has [insert anime/manga/staff member here], why can’t you add it to

Please see above.

Why can’t you support MyAnimeList? It’s so much better!

Please see above.

Do you make, the website?

No. Despite the similarities in name, I am merely a sole developer writing a third-party iOS/iPadOS app that connects to their web services.

How come you haven’t [fixed my bug/included this feature I wanted years ago/responded to me]?

I’m just a solo developer working on this app, and I also have a full-time job and a personal life to live. I love working on MyAniList, but I only work on it a few hours each day. Given that I have a family, work 50-hour weeks, and spend my weekends trying to relax while also trying to improve MyAniList, it makes it difficult to get to everyone’s suggestions. They’re all lovely, and I read each and every one! I only ask that you give me patience and time. Thank you!

Can I watch anime/read manga on MyAniList?

No. MyAniList is a tracking app that tracks your content and synchronizes it with the AniList website. AniList may sometimes offer links to streamable episodes, courtesy of Crunchyroll. However, MyAniList does not provide a way to read or watch everything. If you want to watch anime, please check out Crunchyroll, Funimation, and HIDIVE. If you want to read manga, please check out VIZ.

You’re missing a series on here! Can you add [insert title here]?

No. We do not own the contents of what gets displayed in the app. If you would like to try to submit a new series to, we recommend checking out their submission process here.

Hey, I can’t find Castlevania/Avatar/Arcane! Those are anime! Can you add it?

Please see above. Additionally, western cultures use the term “anime” as a way to largely describe Japanese animation. Due to this definition (and despite the fact that “anime” is short for animation), these American-produced animated series are not considered anime.

Hey, there’s an error in the [title/description/episode/airing date/insert any metadata here], can you fix it?

No. If you find something you believe to be an error in a series, please go to, find the series you believe is incorrect, then find the “Edit” button.

I can’t find this ecchi/18+/adult title called [insert title here], why can’t I see it?

Per restrictions by Apple, we are required to omit any explicit material from MyAniList if an account does not have adult content enabled. You can remove this restriction if you update your profile on to allow 18+ content. You can find this in your profile settings.

MyAniList isn’t letting me log in. That login page keeps saying [I have invalid credentials/CAPTCHA is rejecting me/I can’t access my email] to verify my login attempt. Can you fix this?

No. MyAniList does not own (nor can own) any form of account management. The login page is a website that points to and thus is owned by If their login page keeps saying your credentials are invalid, please consider resetting your password here. If you do not remember your account username or email, please consider sending an email to

I want to delete my account. How do I do that?

You may delete your account here. As a reminder: I do not own, and MyAniList does not own (nor can own) any form of account management. When you delete your account, you will be unable to synchronize your content on MyAniList.

I want to be a beater beta tester for MyAniList! How do I join?

You can sign up at this link. Make sure to join the beta channel in Discord to discuss any issues there!

I have a bug I want to report! What do I do?

Thanks for helping out, first of all! 😄 You can report a bug at our bug reporter. Please try to elaborate on the issue, as more details gives me a better chance at solving the issue!

I have a feature request! How can I let you know about my awesome cool feature?

love hearing your ideas! Please take a look at our Fider board and see if it’s not already on there. If it’s there, give it an upvote! If it isn’t, submit a new feature request.

What is Tokubetsu?

Tokubetsu is an entirely optional, paid addition to MyAniList that enhances your experience. It allows you to choose new themes, app icons, and have easier ways to mark shows as watched/completed directly from a notification, to name a few things. Tokubetsu also helps pay for services that I use to keep this app alive and well. If you use MyAniList often, please consider purchasing to help support an indie developer. 🙂

Do the different price points for Tokubetsu unlock different things?

They don’t, they all unlock the same content! I chose to have three price points because I recognize that people want to pay for something at a price that is fair to them. If you are so inclined to purchase a higher tier, thank you so much!