Last updated
February 8th, 2022

Privacy Policy

MyAniList and its developers take your privacy seriously. MyAniList does not sell, rent, or do anything profitable with your data, and the information that is collected is anonymous in order to make the app better.

Information between MyAniList and

When you use MyAniList, it requires permission to log in and utilize your account from This is because in order to perform any meaningful actions (like adding an anime to your list), requests that you give the client the ability to do these things. Simply put, actions that are performed on MyAniList require this permission in order for the app to function meaningfully to you. MyAniList does not do anything automatically on your behalf apart from synchronizing series you have updated on your device but have not completely synchronized to the website. This is a setting you can allow within the client and can turn it on or off for your own convenience.

MyAniList includes a “guest” mode that still requests information from AniList to display content such as current trends and upcoming seasonal series. MyAniList prevents you from storing any user-related account information until you have allowed permission to allow the client to store this information for you.

By using MyAniList, you are subject to’s privacy policy, as well as any additional services or websites you visit in the app.

Information between MyAniList and Twitter

When you connect your Twitter account with MyAniList, you allow the client permission to post tweets on your behalf. By connecting your account, you are subject to Twitter’s privacy policy. MyAniList does not store any credentials related to your Twitter account.

Information to third parties


MyAniList uses a privacy-centric service called TelemetryDeck whose main objective is to provide entirely anonymized analytics to respect and maintain your privacy. The information that gets sent to TelemetryDeck cannot be traced back to you, as each physical device is assigned a unique identifier.

These analytics may include how many people are using a particular theme, what kind of appearance settings are being modified, and so on. This information helps me decide what features are useful and which ones aren’t, and additionally helps me prioritize what to work on next for MyAniList.